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Carbon information exchange for a better Earth

Our Vision

Climate Change has been drawing attentions to the world community for over decade. It has come to a critical stage of development where climate-actioners are seeking ways of exploring more useful information of the development. This has become critical as considered by most organizations that proactive reactions shall be taken to manage foreseeable impacts to their businesses by new climate related initiatives coming from various angles and levels in the society.

The transition to a low carbon world is transforming our economy. It is changing our industrial landscape, value chains of commerce, focus of businesses and subsequently the way we all live and work for a greener global economy.

In this emerging low carbon economy, new game rules in value chain of services and goods have been evolving fast. The changes are rapid, dynamic and happening across a wide array of professions and industries. News and information are fragmentized while growing in high volume. There is therefore a need of a unified platform of information exchange for the climate-action community.

Our Mission

Carbon Exchange (Hong Kong) Limited (CEXHK) is established to serve the low carbon communities as a platform of information exchange. The founding team comprises of specialist in carbon trade, engineer, technologist, webmaster and businessman. They are representing different perspectives in the climate-action community and are contributing their expertise to make a value-adding service.

For now CEXHK is developing web-based platforms to facilitate information exchange. The platforms are built with efficient process along the flow of information from acquiring, organizing to distributing. We have an editorial team to maintain content quality, and deploy online social media for speedy propagation and relevant reach.

Our next phase of development will advance us from an information exchange to tangible product trading. There will be operations of physical shops across the Asia Pacific region.

Carbon Exchange


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Unit 201, IC Development Centre, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong
t: +852 3421 0027

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| Developing more
  • Building Energy Analytics

    Our professional consulting practice on EMSD BEEO Chapter 610 statutory compliance energy audit service in Hong Kong, regional energy management contract (EMC) deployment, and international certified carbon emission measurement & verification

Energy Audit Service Registered Energy Assessor - www.buildingenergy.hk

Energy Audit Service Registered Energy Assessor – www.buildingenergy.hk

  • CarbonWHO

    Who’s Who directory in the global low carbon economy, grouping by their profession and expertise.

Whos Who for the Low Carbon Economy - www.carbonwho.com

Whos Who for the Low Carbon Economy – www.carbonwho.com

The CarbonWHO platform is still working on beta mode. Don’t be surprised if you see big changes happening on them.